Mjøstårnet - Moelven
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The Norwegian contractors HENT AS are building the Mjøstårnet project for AB Invest. Moelven Limtre AS is HENT's turnkey subcontractor and will supply glulam, Kerto® and cross laminated timber for the tower structure and neighbouring swimming arena.
Mjøstårnet will have wood-based floor elements in the bottom ten storeys, using Moelven's Trä8 system. Moelven supplies and installs the wooden structures. Installation will take place from September 2017 until August 2018.

The building will be opened on the 1st of March 2019.

Sweco performs structural design for Moelven Limtre.
Woodcon / Stora Enso supplies CLT walls for the elevator and staircase shafts for Moelven Limtre
Ringsaker Vegg- og Takelementer produces floor elements for Moelven Limtre
Metsä Group supplies LVL used in floor elements
Nordic Steel supplies steel used in the connections
Ringsaker Vegg- og Takelementer produces wooden wall elements for HENT AS